The first impression of a visitor to a house is normally formed from the look of the front garden. Whilst the back garden is generally used as the area of outside recreation. Using good landscaping it is possible to achieve attractive and functional areas around a building.

Landscaping includes items such as:

Gates and Fencing

Fencing forms the boundary of the garden and can be constructed in a whole range of materials and styles including, wooden fence panels, post and rails, willow hurdles, metal railings, etc. Gates allow the access through the boundary and can be made in a style that complements the fencing or walls and the overall style of the building. Sourcing materials from both local and national suppliers and craftsmen, Regency Construction is able to install fencing and gates that meet your requirements.

Garden Walls

An alternative to fencing is masonry garden walls These can be constructed in brick, block(and rendered) or natural stone to match their surroundings.


Paths form the back bone of a garden and can provide both a functional means of moving around the garden as well as a design feature. Paths can be constructed from a variety of materials including concrete, paving slabs, bricks, gravel and bark.

Patios, Paved and Gravels Areas.

Patios and paved areas provide an area to eat and relax outside. They can be constructed from a wide range of ready-made paving slabs and bricks and from natural stone. Graveled areas are an alternative to paved areas and with the use of membranes can be used to slow down the growth of weeds. Gravel is now available in a whole range of textures and colours.


Timber decking has become a popular alternative to patio and paved areas and provides an attractive and functional surface for outside dining and relaxation. Elevated decked areas can be finished with a range of posts panels and balustrades.


Where space allows, few gardens would look complete without an area of lawn. Lawns can be either laid from turf or seeded.

Pergolas provide structure to a garden and can provide useful shade in summer and a means for plants to climb. They can be constructed in either timber or metal. They can be constructed from either ready made parts, or for bespoke designs, constructed from raw materials.

Ponds and water features

Ponds and water features not only provide additional elements to the landscape design but also provide a source of relaxation and have the added benefit of attracting and supporting wildlife.

Ponds can be constructed from pre-shaped or flexible liners to provide the shape you require and can be finished in a variety of looks from ornate formal ponds to natural looking wildlife ponds. They can also be fitted with grids that prevent children accidentally falling in whilst not detracting from the overall look.


Plants are the final touch to any landscape design.  Using the skills and knowledge of local nurseries and garden designers, Regency Construction is able to supply the plants that suit the look of the garden you require as well as meeting the soil, light and environment that the plants require.

Landscaping services include:

  • Installation and repair of gates and fencing
  • Building and restoration of garden walls
  • Laying of paths
  • Laying of patios, paved and gravel areas
  • Installation of decking
  • Laying of lawns - turfed and seeded
  • Construction of pergolas
  • Construction of ponds and water features
  • Planting

Regency Construction look forward to discussing your landscaping requirements.
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