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Ornamental Plastering is the more artistic and decorative side of plastering. Ornamental plastering includes such elements as:

Refurbishment of existing Ornamental Plasterwork

Over time, the detail in ornamental plasterwork can become lost under layer upon layer of paint. Likewise, ornamental plasterwork can become damaged either by accident, by movement or by change of room layout.

Regency Construction can remove old paint and distemper from ornamental plaster using specialised paint removers. The cleaned plasterwork can then be assessed for damage. Minor damage may be repaired in-situ. For more severely damaged areas, templates and molds can be taken an the area re-made and re-applied.

Depending on the Customer's choice, the plasterwork can be re-painted with modern or traditional paints.

Work Undertaken

Regency Construction under takes the following ornamental plastering works:

In addition to ornamental plastering, Regency Construction also offer the following services to complete the work:

Regency Construction look forward to discussing your Ornamental Plastering requirements.
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