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Regency Construction believes that for a sucessful job there needs be a clear understanding between us and you, the Customer. Therefore we have provided the following prefered method of working, as a guide. Our full set of terms and conditions will be sent to you with the estimate.

Estimation Stage

  1. We receive a request for an estimate and arrange a date and time for a site visit.
  2. We visit the site and discuss your requirements, make suggestions on what needs to be done, discuss start dates and estimated duration of works, take measurements etc.
  3. We provide a clear estimate of the agreed works which includes labour and material costs. We attach to the estimate our terms and conditions. We will confirm the proposed start date and state the anticipated duration of works.
  4. You will hopefully accept the estimate and request us to start works (preferably in writing).
Prior to work commencing
  1. Unless agreed otherwise, for the protection of your belongings and ease of working, you remove all items and floor coverings from the rooms where work is to take place. It is suggested that you preform this work in order that costs to you are minimised. Alternatively, if agreed in advance this service can be performed by us, but will be chargeable.
  2. Unless agreed otherwise you shall provide free access to clean water and electricity and provide an area where waste water can be disposed of (should not be a drain).
  3. If necessary unless agreed otherwise, we will arrange to be on site to receive any bulk materials in advance of work starting.

  1. Our normal working hours are Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 4.00 pm. Unless agreed otherwise we will not schedule work outside of these hours.
  2. If previously agreed, we will protect the work space and any routes to the work space with dustsheets etc.
  3. We will undertake the agreed works in the estimate.
  4. Occasionally there may times when we can not perform the work as agreed because of unforeseen circumstances (e.g. the background to which the materials are to be applied are not as sound as we first thought they would be). In these cases we will contact you and agree a way forward and if possible tell you of any cost and time implications.
  5. At the end of each day we will make sure that the work place is tidy and safe.
  6. If you require additional work to be carried out we will provide an estimate for the additional work. If the estimate for the additional work is agreed we will proceed with the work.
  7. When the work or part of the work is complete we will ask you if you are satisfied with the work completed. If you are not satisfied with the work we have done will put the problem right. In the case of finish plastering you should accept that there maybe small imperfections that can be reasonably be put right by a Painter. This is standard building practice.
  8. When you are satisfied with the work we will make sure that are unused materials and rubbish is removed and that the workspace is left in a reasonable condition. By reasonable condition we mean that there maybe some additional hovering and dusting required by you. This is done to limit the cost to you. Alternatively, if agreed in advance, we can build clean your house but we will make an additional charge for this. 

  1. Unless agreed otherwise, on the last day of the job we will present you with an invoice for the work. You agree to pay us the price on the invoice.
After  works are complete.

  1. In the case of plastering whilst every precaution is taken to stop shrinkage cracks, occasionally cracks may appear as the surface shrinks. You accept that this is sometimes inevitable and we will make a small charge to fill the cracks if required to do so.

  1. After we have entered into a contract but work has not started work on site, if you decide not to proceed with the work, we require up to 21 days notice. 
The 21 days is to allow us an opportunity to find replacement work. If we receive a minimum of 21 days notice then we will not charge you for labour but we may have to charge you for materials that we are committed to buying.

  1. If we receive less than 21 days notice of cancellation and we can not find replacement work, we may charge you the cost of labour as quoted on the estimate to offset our loss of income and the costs of any materials that we are committed to buying.

We hope you find this section useful please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information on the way we work. 
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